Eat to work

From finding out about a local bakery that serves up some awesome empanadas to simply enjoying a tasty banh mi. Life has been great!

I haven’t been posting as often but there’s so much to share. You probably know from my twitter posts I’m always out and about and always have something to say. I am currently taking a small break from that to post here reorganize some other things. Not too long ago, Eat Real 2012 in Jack London Square has been quite a foodie adventure. I watched a butchering competition and tried out new things like Shrub Soda (from INNA Jam, more about it on a future Food Socialist post) and Charcuterie.

Banh Mi from Cam Huong, Union City, CA

Empanadas from Elite Bakery, Union City, CA

The Winner! Eat Real 2012, Oakland, CA

Tried Shrub Soda before? It’s a deliciously crisp. From INNA Jam, Eat Real 2012, Oakland, CA

Last YEE @ Left Stage Cellars

Sorry for the late post on here. This is my last YEE as the regular photographer for Yelp East Bay. It’s been a fun trip ^_^

Back in Palo Alto for a Foodspotting Eatup!

Just this week, I went to several events. One of them was a Eatup-Meetup for Silicon Valley’s Foodspotting Community. Hosted by the community’s Foodspotting Ambassador, Randy F, we ate some delicious pizza by Patxi’s Chicago Pizza. This Patxi’s location is actually the first Patxi Pizza.

For one of the first eat-ups, this event has an amazing turnout. Everyone I met there was super friendly and we get to enjoy the diverse line of pizzas. We first started out with the extra-thin crust and moved our way up to the uber Chicago Stuff Pizza!

Foodspotting is an little food photo app (and website) where people may take pictures of their food and posted onto the internet. It’s a little like Foursquare for Food, you may easily use the app as a visual menu of your food choices. It’s currently one of my favorite things to do since I love to take pictures of my food.

A special thanks to the manager at Patxi’s for setting up a nice deal on the pizzas and Randy for organizing this awesome event!

A Pink Yelp Elite Event @ the BoilerHouse Restaurant

It was Nique’s first ever Yelp Elite Event and it was one of the pinkest events ever! All for a great cause. The event took place in the BoilerHouse Restaurant in Richmond, CA.

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CMYE Nique – Era Art Bar and Lounge, Oakland, CA

Congrats again to Nique as her new spotlight on Yelp as the East Bay Yelp Community Manager. This small event celebrates that as we prep for the upcoming Eat Real Festival 2011!

Styling Food

Food photography is such big things. One of the most important elements of food photography is the food styling. There’s so many tips and tricks when you are preparing food. Do you know that if you rinse in cold water an avocado immediately after cutting it, it will prevent it from yellowing for at least several hours. Another is the placement of the food itself and the ingredients that follows. There’s a long list, hopefully I’ll learn a good number while I work on my photos.

Brownie is a really good boy, and really wants those quesadillas!

I made some lunch the other day and though that this is possibly photogenic enough to take some pictures. So in this shot I actually went to my backyard. Brownie (my dog immediately got excite when he saw food, but I made him lay down, stay and watch me photographed it. First up, the cutting board I used was too dull and matted so I used some olive oil and wipe down the board to give the wood a nice darker tone. I laid down the board carefully onto the backyard concrete floor, then laid down the quesdillas and shot it overhead. I kept the picture slightly underexposed since I like the texture of the concrete.

Also one of my pictures featured on 500px

There’s also other ways of displaying the food. I tried plating it restaurant style. For this one I also used an old wooden table as the setting. I stacked the pairs of quesadillas and added little cute toothpicks that I bought from World Market.