Wine Country

Me and my friends headed to the wine country. I made out a list of possible places that we were thinking of visiting,  I was driving me and my friends to up the Napa Valley. Our first immediate stop Del Detto Winery and Cave. It’s a very beautiful but sadly this location was appointment only. But the people at Del Dotto were extremely nice and gave us a wine map and even gave us a referral.

Del Dotto guys had told us about William Hill Estate. William Hill Estate was just down the road. On the entrance was a sign mentioning an appointment was needed prior, but we went in anyways to take a look around. Looks like we didn’t really needed an appointment because we were quite early. Since we didn’t know too much about wine, we asked our host to teach us a little bit about it. Our host was really awesome, he taught us so many things in such a short amount of time. We had to use all our scenes when it comes to tasting wine. Wine tasting includes sight (color), smell (aroma), taste, and even touch (texture in the mouth). We also got a hook up on extra tastings from the winery. When pouring us the wine he talked to us about what to expect in flavors and aroma. Moreover, he told where the grapes were from each bottle in making the wine. William Hill was actually our first actual tasting of the day and it was also our best experience of the day.

After five wine tasting, we thought that we should have some lunch. The easiest choice we made for lunch was to go to the Oxbrow Public Market, it was supposedly run by the same people as the Ferry Building in San Francisco. Each of us selected a single item from the market and shared it family style. First we had the sustainable oysters from Hog Island’s Oyster Bar, then Pizza from CamiMo and lastly Yucca Garlic Fries from Pica Pica Maize Kitchen.

In a moment, we headed off to the next winery. We were really just winging it all the way. We decided to stop by Domaine Chandon. The location is quite beautiful but we came here too late (2:30PM), there was a private event later in the afternoon so they had to close down the tasting session early.

Without delay, we went to one of the biggest wine producers in the US. Robert Mondavi has a big estate. We didn’t really thought that the wine tasting here was too worth it, so we just went with a single glass tasting. I had the Fumé Blanc from their reserved wine tasting rooms.

Moving on to V Sattui; it seems to please everyone foodies and winies all alike. V Sattui has a very decent Deli and Gift Shop that extends from Pate, Cheese, and Sandwiches. After going through the deli, the next room was the tasting room. V Sattui’s Classic Tasting is the cheapest tasting of the day. To enjoy the wine and picnic food you bought, V Sattui has a very nice lawn for picnicking. I gotten my shoes all muddied up. The wine here wasn’t too bad either. It was an especially sweet experience, I mean it quite literally. Four out of the Five wines we tasted were very sweet wines. Especially the Muscat was up to a 6.0% sweetness, craziness!