Yelp Elite Event @ Liege

What an awesome evening! My first YEE for 2011. Liege Spirits Lounge was a very nice location to have the Yelp Event. Located in the Old Oakland downtown, Liege stand quietly on 9th St. It was cozily dark inside, the location is very nice. After the clock hit 7, it got filled fast with Yelpers!

Photographer’s Perspective
Just by listening to the clicks of the shutter you would know how fast is the shutter. One reason why I like my 40D so much is that it makes a very satisfying clicks. As before, I take multiple shots of everything. With the rapid burst modes, I even heard “machine gun” reference from one of the Yelp participants, LOL! Though, I’m not shooting in full on auto, it can definitely catch people of guard.

For this time around, I decided to shoot at ISO3200, at about 1.8-2.5, with my 20mm. The high ISO definitely created a lot of noise that even Lightroom has trouble fixing. Also with the high ISO since the noise level is quite high it’s also hard to get a good white balance reference.

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