Yelp Elite Event @ VeSu

It’s a Mad Men themed Yelp Elite Event! It was most fun I had in a while. I have to say a few pictures didn’t came out as great it’s my first time using my new 50mm 1.4 in a low light situation. As it gradually gotten darker, the pictures required a higher ISO. I eventually kicked the ISO up but not after I messed up a number of shots. However, I’m overall very happy with the pictures.

The food and cocktails offers at VeSu was amazing. There was some unique flavors like the habanero yogurt drinks. While I was working the camera I also took some time to enjoy the event. I have meet with some great people and definitely can’t wait to see them again, on the next event.

Thanks to Monica S., Yelp, VeSu and the sponsors for such an awesome event! I can’t wait for next month’s event. If you want full size images from me, you must do so just by messaging me via Yelp messages with your email address.